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About Classify

Trying to make sense of hundreds, thousands or even millions of documents?

Kensho Classify lets you find whether and where specific concepts occur in text, giving enriched structure, revealing new insights, and interconnecting disparate content. Classify is specifically tuned for the needs of business and finance, with pinpoint accuracy for novel concepts that matter to you.


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Call Transcripts

Brent John Thill

On Google Cloud, we continue to hear from the partners that the deal size isbuilding and BigQuery’s having a big impact for a lot of your customers. Can youjust talk to and expand on what you’re seeing there and any other noticeabletrends that you’re seeing now that maybe you hadn’t seen in the past?


Cloud Computing

Sundar Pichai

Thanks. Look, overall, we continue to see strong momentum. The team is executingwell. You mentioned BigQuery data and analytics and AI continues to be kind of afoundational shift for what companies are trying to accomplish, and BigQuerydoes stand out there and we are definitely seeing continued momentum there. It’s asource of strength.


Cloud Computing

Data and Analytics

Market Research

China’s October NBS PMI report came in below expectations. All indications are that anuncertain export market and diminished domestic demand are slowing Chinesemanufacturing. Ongoing Coronavirus restriction measures and a surge of Omicroncases are expected to continue limiting sector activity, consumption, and overallsentiment.





Financial Filings

We have built a global cloud platform that delivers a broad range of network services tobusinesses of all sizes around the world—making them more secure, enhancing theperformance of their business-critical applications, and eliminating the cost andcomplexity of managing and integrating individual network hardware. We providebusinesses a scalable, easy-to-use, unified control plane to deliver security,performance, and reliability across their on-premise, hybrid, cloud, and SaaSapplications


Cloud Computing


Enterprise Applications

News Articles

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell stated that the central bank expects to raise ratesby a half percentage point at its next meeting as part of its ongoing fight against highinflation.


Interest Rates


Federal Reserve

Mr. Powell pointed to the labor market as “key” to fighting inflation, saying that that thelabor market must cool to meet the central bank’s 2% inflation target.



Federal Reserve

While historically large, the expected rate increases represents a slowing from the fourseparate 0.75-point rate increases by the Fed in recent months. Mr. Powell stated that itwould make sense to slow rate increases as their impacts are felt across the economy.


Interest Rates

Federal Reserve


Innovation from Kensho NLP

Kensho Classify provides a superior, tailored product for your toughest classification use cases.

By The Numbers

Superior custom concept creation


Better prediction quality (F1 score)


Faster concept training time


Faster concept annotation time


Character API request capacity


Only 30 text excerpts (sentence or more) needed for a custom concept

How Classify Works

1. Define icon
1. Define

To make a custom concept, give Classify a name, definition, and ≥30 data samples

2. Train icon
2. Train

Submit the definition to train your model in as little as 3 minutes. Add as many concepts as you like or revise previously trained concepts.

3. Annotate icon
3. Annotate

Send text for Classify to indicate whether and where your concepts are found.

Classify outperforms alternatives across critical dimensions, delivering higher quality tags with less time and data, and is ready to meet enterprise workloads.

Prediction Quality (F1)CheckX Small
Training TimeCheckX Small
Annotation TimeCheckX Small
Payload CapacityCheckX Small
Training Data NeededCheckCheck
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Kensho Classify Use Cases

Document Management icon
Document Management
Automate document organization & review processes and collaborate in real time.
Quantitative Investment icon
Quantitative Investment
Easily incorporate Classify’s insights into financial models to make strategic investment decisions.
Smart Search icon
Smart Search
Quickly find relevant concepts and themes in documents and text. Classify continuously improves as new concepts are added.
Market Intelligence icon
Market Intelligence
Gain insight into the global market landscape, identify and track trends, and make data-driven decisions.
Labelling & Analytics icon
Labelling & Analytics
Use Classify to label text for other machine learning applications or analyze Classify’s output to reveal new market insights.
Text Enrichments icon
Text Enrichments
Enhance documents with embedded metadata and excerpt-level annotation. Use Classify’s tags to search, share and recommend content.

For Developers

API Guides & Tutorials

Check out our developer documentation, for building tools with the Classify APIs and more

Classify Developer Docs

Frequently Asked Questions

Classify’s performance is best in class, accelerating time to value and driving superior outcomes in any application. It trains faster, annotates faster, and produces better annotations. It more than meets the needs of serious workloads.

  • Prediction Quality: Classify’s precision, recall, and F1 are substantially better than open source and other vendor text classification solutions. Our benchmarks indicate Classify F1 is ≥10% higher than common solutions.
  • Scalability: Classify can handle million-character payloads and concurrent requests without any impact on performance or reliability.
  • Custom Model Creation: Classify requires a trivial amount of labeled data and needs no machine learning expertise.
  • Time to Value: Classify is fast! You can define, train, and use a performant model in minutes rather than the typical weeks or months.

Classify is accessed via a simple REST API. Easily define your concepts, submit your text, and receive a list of annotated concepts in response in the form of a JSON. For more detailed information, please visit the API reference. We have built and helped customers build other ways to consume Classify, such as extensions for applications such as Microsoft Office. If you are interested in such options, please contact us.

Yes! You can continuously update your Classify model with new custom concepts or refinements to existing concepts. Even better, Classify maintains a history of these model updates, so you can revert back any model you created.

Classify can support any language capable of making a REST API call, such as Python, R, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Rust and more.

Classify is available as a pay-as-you-go solution priced per thousand characters processed or through an annual subscription. Contact us to discuss what’s right for you.

Classify is a collection of advanced machine learning models that represent the conceptual content of documents to look for your specific topics. Kensho combines the latest advances in machine learning with S&P Global’s unparalleled data universe to train the models that underlie Classify.

Kensho takes your privacy and security seriously. Data submitted to Classify is encrypted in transit and at rest, inaccessible to anyone but you, the user. Contact us to learn more.