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Kensho’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities structure the world’s data.

Kensho’s world-class solutions discover, extract, link and enrich unstructured data, creating value for users at all levels and roles in an organization.

Whether you’re looking to use Kensho’s solutions on your own data or to leverage the unparalleled breadth, depth and accuracy of S&P Global’s sources, Kensho unlocks insights in hard-to-get-to data, making it accessible, insightful, relevant and ultimately, transformative.

Transcribe Speech to Text
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Kensho Scribe is a transcription solution optimized for tricky, real-world audio.

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Scribe transcribes your audio with unparalleled accuracy, speed and security:

  • 25% accuracy improvement over other transcription services.
  • Real-time transcription.
  • 99+% accuracy in 6 hours with professional review.
  • Read about Scribe in our blog post, Speech Recognition for Finance

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Identify Entities in Text
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Kensho NERD unlocks new connections and deeper insights by systematically uncovering the companies, people, places, events and more in your text.

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Identify the who, what, and where in text and connect them to Capital IQ or Wikimedia (nearly 100M entities identifiable!)

  • Streamline manual workflows by annotating thousands of words in seconds.
  • Reveal insights by analyzing NERD output directly or in conjunction with Capital IQ or Wiki data.
  • Supercharge research workflows with interconnected content.
  • Improve search results, content recommendations and document routing.
  • Read about NERD in our blog post, Unlocking the Potential of Unstructured Data.
Understand Document Concepts
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Kensho Classify is a machine learning tool that enables you to tag and search text documents with completely customizable concepts.

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Use AI to understand what your documents are conceptually about.

  • Develop custom concept models without machine learning expertise.
  • See where specific concepts occur in text.
  • Reveal insights, enrich your data structure, and connect disparate content
Extract Data from PDF Documents
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Kensho Extract enables customers to automate extraction of critical insights from tables and text in complex and inconsistent PDF documents.

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Extract information exactly as represented in the original document or standardize table contents such as financial metrics, time periods, currencies and other information.

  • Save manual processing time by structuring data in documents that can be used in databases and other downstream systems.
  • Automatically identify tables, headers and text from documents.
  • Flatten and standardize information in tables.
  • Read about Extract in our blog post, Kensho Extract and the Value of Document Segmentation
Map Company Entities to External Databases
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Kensho Link maps your messy company data to S&P Global’s Company IDs, bringing structure to your datasets and allowing you to connect to the unparalleled quality and depth of S&P Global’s data.

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  • Company entities without unique identifiers? No problem!
  • No need to spend time training an ML model.
  • Input the data you have for a given entity (name, address, country, alias, etc.) and receive back probable links.
  • Quickly spot the most relevant matches for each entity using Link’s match scores.
  • Get matches with as little as a company name, but improve the accuracy by providing more fields.
  • Gain access to all of S&P Global’s extensive data on your matched entity with S&P Global’s Company IDs.
Train your ML models
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Kensho Datasets are professionally produced collections of training data curated to provide the highest quality resource for machine learning development.

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Kensho Datasets are ideal for training your domain-specific machine learning models:

  • Manually curated and reviewed by layers of experts.
  • Available for free for academia and non-commercial use.
  • Contact us for commercial use cases.

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New Economies
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The S&P Kensho New Economy Indices provide the most comprehensive framework with which to capture the industries and innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics—coupled with ubiquitous connectivity and vast, easily accessible processing power—are the catalysts disrupting vast swathes of the global economy. Every facet of our lives will be impacted. This new industrial epoch is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The S&P Kensho New Economies are the first and most comprehensive family of indices to capture the full breadth of companies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They provide a unique lens with which to understand the disruption of existing industries and emergence of new ones.

About Kensho Solutions

Kensho pairs the latest techniques in machine learning with the unparalleled breadth and depth of data at S&P Global to give customers comprehensive, timely, actionable insights, empowering them to make decisions with conviction.

The world currently has more than a billion knowledge workers spanning hundreds of industries, and those workers deal with a massive uninterrupted flow of unstructured data requiring highly time-intensive manual processing. Workers are overwhelmed and miss insights.

Kensho solves this problem by building foundational tools that unlock the hard-to-get data and insights organizations and individuals need to make decisions with conviction. Users gain access to timely insights using our ML Toolkit—AI-driven software that extracts and enriches meaning from complex data—to make data more discoverable, collaborative, and useful.

With Kensho Solutions, knowledge workers quickly access the enterprise data they need and analyze, transform and shape it with our suite of tools, unlocking insights in hard-to-get data.