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User-friendly, AI-powered document research

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Discover and extract the information you need from across your textual content.

Codex, Kensho’s AI-powered document research platform built atop our world-leading ML services, solves the biggest problem of the knowledge age: the challenge of finding and extracting useful information within massive amounts of unstructured data, in this case, documents.

With an intuitive interface and a powerful search capability, Codex streamlines this workflow, freeing information analysts of all kinds to focus on higher-value analysis work.

Codex interface with 10k filing

With Codex you can…

Smart Search icon
Smart Search
Use Smart Search to find documents that match your criteria.
Notations icon
Add highlights and notes
Smart Search icon
Smart Search
Export cleanly-formatted tables to Excel (even from PDFs)
Intuitive UI icon
Intuitive UI
View clickable snippets of keyword matches, to find the specific part of documents that are relevant to you.
Easy Collaboration icon
Easy Collaboration
Create shareable links to any document passage, to facilitate collaboration
Codex interface with 10k filing and annotations

Codex is embedded within S&P’s Capital IQ Pro platform, enabling users around the world to easily search across financial documents - filings, transcripts, and more.

To learn more about how Codex can boost research productivity for your organization, contact us:

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